Mercedes 28/95 hp
Mercedes 28/95 hp
Type Mercedes 28/95 hp 
Name Mercedes 28/95 hp 
Name Mercedes 28/95 hp 
Short name Mercedes 28/95 hp 
Production 1914-15, 1920-24 
Number produced  
Comments concerning the production period  
Wheelbase 3390, 3555 mm, sport: 3065 mm 
Track rear/front 1400/1350 mm 
Length Phaeton: 4650 mm 
Width Phaeton: 1580 mm 
Height Phaeton: 1600 mm 
Smallest turning circle  
Chassis weight
Max. total weight 2200 kg 
Max. front axle weight  
Max. rear axle weight  
Max. load  
Max. trailer weight braked  
Max. trailer weight unbraked  
Weight empty 1800 kg 
According to guideline  
Operating method four-stroke 
Configuration front, parallel; upright 
No. of cylinder/configuration 6 / in line (steel cylinders with cooling-water jackets welded on) 
Bore x stroke 105 x 140 mm 
Total displacement 7280 ccm 
Compression ratio  
Crankshaft bearing  
Output 90 hp at 1800 /min 
Maximum torque  
No. of valves/configuration 1 intake, 1 exhaust / V-shaped, overhead 
Valve operation 1 top camshaft 
Camshaft drive via vertical shaft 
Mixture formation 2 Pallas carburetters, since 1922: 2 Mercedes carburetters 
Cooling water cooling / pump 
Lubrication Combination of forced-feed circulation- and fresh-oil lubricat. 
Electric system 12 V 
Starter motor electrical 
Ignition high-voltage magneto ignition 
Fuel tank under the car's rear / 110 l 
Fuel supply vacuum (compressed-air pump) 
Driven whells rear wheels 
Power transmission cardan shaft 
Frame desing U-type sectional pressed-steel frame 
Wheel suspension front rigid axle 
Wheel suspension rear rigid axle 
Suspension front split springs 
Suspension rear split springs 
Steering screw spindle, right 
Steering transm ratio  
Breaking system foot brake 
Breaking system mechanical; effective on drive shaft, since 1923 effective on front- and rear wheels 
Parking breake hand brake 
Parking breake mechanical, effective on rear wheels 
Wheels wood- or wire-spoked wheels 
Wheels rims  
Tyres 895 x 135, 895 x 150 or 935 x 135 

Skrzynie biegów tego modelu (gearbox and performance):

Mercedes 28/95 hp
Mercedes 28/95 hp
Gearbox 4-speed gear shift 
Shifting Control lever right ext. or int. (connection link) 
Clutch Leather cone friction clutch 
Type of gearbox Pinion change gear 
Synchromesh gears  
Gear transmission I. 3,75; II. 2,10; III. 1,35; IV. 1,0 
Differential ratio 2,39; 2,59; 3,00 or other 
Maximum speed acc. to transmission and tire 110 - 138 km/h 
Fuel consumption 26 l 
acc. to guideline