Types 8/38 hp and~Stuttgart 200 / 260
Mercedes-Benz 10/50 hp type Stuttgart 260
Type 10/50 hp type Stuttgart 260 
Name 10/50 hp type Stuttgart 260  
Name Mercedes-Benz 10/50 hp type Stuttgart 260  
Short name 10/50 hp type Stuttgart 260  
Model W 11 L 
Production 1933 
Number produced 50 
Comments concerning the production period  
Prices Pullman saloon (6 seats) RM 7.800,- 
Wheelbase 3080 mm 
Track rear/front 1425/1425 mm 
Length 4650 mm 
Width 1710 mm 
Height 1800 mm 
Smallest turning circle 12,8 m 
Chassis weight
Max. total weight 2100 kg 
Max. front axle weight  
Max. rear axle weight  
Max. load  
Max. trailer weight braked  
Max. trailer weight unbraked  
Weight empty tourer: 1250 kg; saloon: 1400 kg 
According to guideline  
Operating method four-stroke Otto 
Configuration front, parallel; upright 
Type M 11 
No. of cylinder/configuration 6 / in line 
Bore x stroke 74 x 100 mm 
Total displacement 2581 ccm (tax classification: 2562 ccm) 
Compression ratio 5,0; since 1930: 5,65 
Crankshaft bearing
Output 50 hp at 3400 /min 
Maximum torque 13,8 mkg at 1200 /min 
No. of valves/configuration 1 intake, 1 exhaust / lateral, upright 
Valve operation 1 lateral camshaft 
Camshaft drive via spur gears 
Mixture formation 1 Solex carburetter 35 MOHLT, since 1931 Solex 35 FHLS 
Cooling water cooling / pump; 15 l water 
Lubrication pressure circulation lubrication / 8 l oil 
Electric system 12 V 
Battery 45 or 60 Ah 
Dynamo 75 W 
Starter motor electrical / 1,2 PS 
Fuel tank in the engine compartment / 45 l 
Fuel supply  
Driven whells rear wheels 
Power transmission cardan shaft 
Frame desing U-type sectional pressed-steel frame 
Wheel suspension front rigid axle 
Wheel suspension rear rigid axle 
Suspension front split springs 
Suspension rear split springs 
Steering screw spindle/nut, left or (exportation) right 
Steering transm ratio  
Breaking system braking system 
Breaking system mechanical, effective on front- and rear wheels 
Parking breake parking brake 
Parking breake mechanical, effective on rear wheels 
Wheels sheet steel-spoked wheels 
Wheels rims drop centre rim 
Tyres 5,25-20 

Skrzynie biegów tego modelu (gearbox and performance):

Types 8/38 hp and~Stuttgart 200 / 260
Mercedes-Benz 10/50 hp type Stuttgart 260
Gearbox 3-speed gear shift, from 1930 also with add. overdrive 
Shifting Control lever car center 
Clutch Single-plate dry clutch 
Type of gearbox Pinion change gear 
Synchromesh gears  
Gear transmission I. 3,40; II. 1,78; III. 1,0; S. 0,76 
Differential ratio 5,30; 5,66 or 4,63 
Maximum speed 90 km/h 
Fuel consumption 18 l 
acc. to guideline