Types 170 S / 170 DS / 170 S-V / 170 S-D (W 136, W 191)
Mercedes-Benz type 170 S-D chassis for special-purpose bodies
Type 170 S-D chassis for special-purpose bodies 
Name 170 S-D chassis for special-purpose bodies 
Name Mercedes-Benz type 170 S-D chassis for special-purpose bodies 
Short name 170 S-D chassis for special-purpose bodies 
Model W 136 VIII D 
Production 1953 - 1955 
Number produced 3.087 (incl. ambulance-chassis) 
Comments concerning the production period  
Prices 09.53: 7.850,00 DM 02.54: 7.600,00 DM 
Wheelbase 2845 mm 
Track rear/front 1310/1435 mm 
Smallest turning circle  
Chassis weight
Max. total weight 1940 kg 
Max. front axle weight 740 kg 
Max. rear axle weight 1200 kg 
Max. load  
Max. trailer weight braked 1200 kg 
Max. trailer weight unbraked 690 kg 
Weight empty 980 kg 
According to guideline DIN 70020 (with fuel, spare wheel and tool equipment) 
Operating method four-stroke Diesel (with indirect injection) 
Configuration front, parallel; upright 
Type OM 636 VIII / 636.931 
No. of cylinder/configuration 4 / in line 
Bore x stroke 75 x 100 mm 
Total displacement 1767 ccm (tax classification: 1755 ccm) 
Compression ratio 19 
Crankshaft bearing
Output 40 hp at 3200 /min 
Maximum torque 10,3 mkg at 2000 /min 
No. of valves/configuration 1 intake, 1 exhaust / overhead 
Valve operation lateral camshaft 
Camshaft drive spur gears 
Mixture formation indirect injection, mechanically controlled;~Bosch 4-plunger-type injection pump 
Cooling water cooling / pump; 10,1 l water 
Lubrication pressure circulation lubrication / 4 l oil 
Electric system 12 V 
Battery 2 x 6 V 84 Ah / in the engine compartment 
Dynamo 130 W 
Starter motor electrical / 1,8 PS 
Ignition compression ignition engine 
Fuel tank in the rear / 47 l 
Fuel supply piston pump at the injection pump 
Driven whells rear wheels 
Power transmission single-piece cardan shaft 
Frame desing X-shaped oval tube frame / all-steel body 
Wheel suspension front each 1 transversal spring above and below 
Wheel suspension rear oscillating swing axle 
Suspension front transversal springs 
Suspension rear coil springs 
Damper hydraulic telescopic damper 
Steering worm-and-sector steering 
Steering transm ratio 13,9:1 / 2,75 steering wheel turns 
Breaking system braking system 
Breaking system hydraulic, effective on front- and rear wheels ; drum brakes front and rear 
Parking breake parking brake 
Parking breake mechanical, effective on rear wheels 
Diamatre brake drums front / rear: 240 mm 
Wheels sheet steel-disc wheels 
Wheels rims drop centre rim 4,00 E x 16 
Tyres 6,00-16 extra 

Skrzynie biegów tego modelu (gearbox and performance):

Types 170 S / 170 DS / 170 S-V / 170 S-D (W 136, W 191)
Mercedes-Benz type 170 S-D chassis for special-purpose bodies
Gearbox 4-speed gear shift 
Availability Series 
Shifting Gear shift 
Clutch Single-plate dry clutch 
Type of gearbox Pinion change gear 
Synchromesh gears I - IV 
Gear transmission I. 4,025; II. 2,28; III. 1,42; IV. 1,0; R. 3,72 
Differential ratio 4,125 
Maximum speed  
Fuel consumption  
acc. to guideline