Opis modelu: Types 500 K / 540 K (W 29)
In the thirties people continuously worked on developing further the already traditional compressor vehicles. In February 1934, only one year after its presentation, the type 380 was superseded by the more powerful type 500 K which was available ex works in no fewer than 10 different bodywork variations. Its successor became the 540 K presented in autumn 1936, which largely corresponded to its predecessor but was equipped with an engine still more powerful and bodies slightly modified in style. The most exclusive version regarding sales price and prestige, the special-roadster, embodied beauty and speed like virtually no other vehicle of its time and, still today, is seen as the very dream car of the thirties. With a performance of 115 hp without disengageable compressor and 180 hp with disengageable compressor, the 2.5 t vehicle reached 170 km/h without any effort.